Kapp Surgical Instrument Inc.

Kapp Surgical Instrument Inc. is a world leading manufacturer of custom designed stainless steel surgical instruments and implants. It is among the fastest growing full service surgical design and supply firms in America. Kapp Surgical specializes in prototyping, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing new surgical products.

Kapp provides its international clientele with precision quality products and efficient service at the lowest possible cost. Karl Kapp, a master designer from Tuttlingen, Germany, started the firm in 1927. For over a half-century, physicians and hospitals across the globe commissioned him to design instruments for the most complicated surgeries. Kapp collaborated with surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in designing instruments for the pioneering open-heart operations of the 1960s.

The firm has expanded dramatically in recent years under Albert N. Santilli Ph.D., sole apprentice to Karl Kapp. With Al Santilli as owner and president, Kapp Surgical Instrument, Inc. continues to custom design instruments for many of the nation’s leading surgeons. Specialties include cardiovascular, peripheral-vascular, orthopedic, neuro, plastic, E.N.T., and general surgery.

Mr. Santilli attended the Cleveland Institute of Art, and received his bachelor’s and M.B.A. degree’s from Cleveland State University. For several years, he was a surgical instrument sales representative for the Pilling Corporation, the Stryker Corporation, the Intermedic Orthopedics Company, Sulzer Medical Corporation and a distributor for the Wright Medical Corporation.

In 1980, Mr. Santilli met Mr. Kapp in an operating room while both were displaying instruments. Kapp recognized Mr. Santilli’s talents and offered to teach him the master’s distinctive craft. Mr. Santilli recently received his PhD in June of 2004.

Mr. Santilli purchased the company in 1982 and assumed Karl Kapp’s legacy; skillful design, superior quality materials and manufacturing, and prompt, quality service. To ensure that the highest standards of Kapp instruments are maintained, Albert N. Santilli, PhD continues to work with surgeons in operating rooms throughout America.

Kapp Surgical also sells many other top lines of operating room grade surgical equipment. In addition, the company represents many of the nation’s leading manufacturers, both nationally and worldwide.

Mr. Santilli designed a special heart mitral valve retractor with Dr. Delos M. Cosgrove III, a prominent cardiac surgeon and now CEO of the world renowned Cleveland Clinic Foundation. The Cleveland Clinic is one of Kapp’s biggest and most satisfied clients.

As always, Kapp Surgical Instrument is a full service company that can design, prototype, manufacture, market and distribute a new product, concept or idea. Thus, continuing Kapp Surgical’s corporate goal of bringing “Ideas To Reality.”(R)

Kapp’s instrument designers are skilled craftsmen who have many years of experience in tool and die and instrument design. We clean and refurbish hospital surgical instruments, both in our laboratory and in a full service, on-site mobile truck.